As the old adage says, for evil to triumph, good people need only do nothing.  
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to thank you all so much for you support and help during the election.  We have proven that we can be united again, and we stand strong for a good common cause.

We have lost so much over the past years.  The next two years will be extremely important for the CTU.  It is important that we stand strong and united, and not lose whatever we have left.

I hope the membership will keep the "TEAM" accountable for their decisions and actions.
I also hope that the leadership will reveal their plan on how it will protect the CTU from new attacks and how the "TEAM" will return the rights that it gave away so unilaterally.  
The Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools is a ticking time bomb, and the destruction is imminent if it is not stopped.

I appeal to you all who understand the gravity of the situation.  Now more than ever we need to be united, we need to spread the word and educate our fellow brothers and sisters about what needs to be done.  We need to recruite the entire membership.  So, let us continue in this work that we have started, and if we are strongly united we will prevail!